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Chartwell Financial Management (CFM) provides low cost and goal focused financial solutions based upon a clients concerns and priorities. We provide as little or as much as the client requests, from an as-needed consultation to a comprehensive strategy taking clients through forming financial goals and identifying issues, customizing and implementing a comprehensive solution, assembling a team of financial and legal experts, and monitoring the results to stay current with personal and market changes.

CFM welcomes clients from all walks of life and we have proven strategies for the largest portfolios to the smallest. The quality and excellence of our work is not measured by the size of your portfolio and we have no account size or long-term contract requirements. We are available for financial check-ups and second opinions.

We provide three primary services:

  1. Hourly As-Needed Counseling
  2. Investment Management & Supervision
  3. Financial Planning

chart Please see the menu options above for Investment Management and Fee-Based Financial Planning for more information about these specific services. While investments are certainly an important area, together we can review other areas of interest to you. Examples are retirement planning (our particular area of expertise), mortgage financing, funding IRAs, Roth IRAs, IRA distributions, and college savings programs. We use outside professionals to prepare specific documents such as wills and trusts. CFM maintains a list of professionals for your reference.

• David R. DeLeeuw, President

David R. DeLeeuw, President of Chartwell Financial Management, Inc., has been involved in the financial industry since 1971. With an interest in economics, he pursued a degree in business administration at the University of Michigan. He went on to earn a masters degree in business administration (MBA) at the U of M, with an emphasis on finance. David continues to advance his education so that he can stay abreast of new developments and trends in the financial markets.

David started Chartwell in 1990 at the request of individuals who asked that he manage their portfolios. Prior to this he served as chief investment officer with a local financial institution for over 17 years, managing a portfolio valued at over $400 million. He focuses on no-load mutual funds, individual securities and dynamic asset allocation. He has developed several investment programs for clients that provide a disciplined approach to successful portfolio management. David manages accounts for personal investors as well as corporations. They range from trust accounts, IRA, SEP-IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b) to pension and profit sharing plans.

David is very dedicated and devoted to his work and clients - doing more than the usual financial advisor or broker. By providing individual and on-going attention to each client and their financial goals, David provides a unique approach to professional money management. Dynamic investment strategies combined with personal attention means he works for his clients - not commissions.

His dream has always been to open his own business in the world of financial investments. He devotes many hours each day to reading, researching and monitoring the markets to determine the impact on client portfolios and investment programs. David is also very involved in developing successful investment strategies to change with the times. He invests his own funds the same as he does for his clients.

He is a past president of the Financial Managers Society and is a long time member of the Lions club. A life long resident of Kalamazoo, David, his wife, Susan, and their four children are very involved with community, church and school activities.

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